Mechanical strength :

Becasine is almost unbreakable. Aluminium may bend, but will not break.

The bolts are oversize and numerous.

The arms are made of plain ash, which could split but will not really break. No ash arms have  ever been reported to break.

The seat, made of beach plywood is also unbreakable.


Damage :

The aluminium parts will show scratches right from the start, during manufacturing. More will appear during assembly and road tests. Later, usage and age will create more scratches and the aluminium will lose its shininess.This has no influence on the mechanical resistance of the material.


Using the Becasine could cause small wood splinters. This has to be considered as a normal consequence and the risk of injury can be avoided by lightly sanding the would  at the damaged place. 


The alumium parts are warranted against mechanical breakage during five years by free replacement, freight costs excluded. Surface damage is not included in this warranty.

 The wooden parts are warranted against important mechanical breakage during three years and replaced for free, except freight costs. Small splinters are not included in this warranty.

The wheels, the tires and the rubber parts are considered as parts subject to wear and are covered for one year.

Textiles are only covered for manufacturing defects, which have to be declared within two weeks.



The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by inappropriate usage of the Becasine,

by wrong assembly, modifications  or installation of unapproved spare parts.